Gmail and IPv6

Today, I disabled IPv6 at home. Yes, it’s a shame.

But until Google changes its restrictive policies on IPv6 senders, I have no other choice.

  • Of course, some people pointed out to me that I might just change to another Internet access provider. But this is bullshit. I’ve got one of the geekiest ISP in Europe… the only thing they are not doing right in this, is not giving me the possibility to set a rDNS on my IPv6 (for now, this is still only possible for my IPv4 address; I understand that this is probably not high priority at the moment…)

  • What other choices do I have then?

    • I could try to find an even geekier ISP and switch to franciliens the Paris-area DIY-ISP. But even if they are geekier, they don’t enable IPv6 at the moment.

    • The other solution would be to get some special service somewhere from a more professional ISP. But that means I give up control over the physical access to the machine hosting and sending my email. That’s totally missing the point of why I’m self-hosting my email in the first place!

  • The bottom line is: the current Google policy on sending email de facto excludes all IPv6-self-hosted/DIY/email servers. And that’s not good, and Google is to blame for that.

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